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What is it that you think when you look into this website?

  • Noor mohamaad
  • 06 Mar 2019
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We at ACU TOUCH CURE aim at healing the disease not only from the surface but from its roots. We focus on healing. Healing the body, mind & soul. And all of this just without any external indulgence.

What does the name ACU TOUCH CURE suggest to you?

We focus on healing. Healing the body, mind & soul. And all of this just without any external indulgence.

We at ACU TOUCH CURE aim at healing the disease not only from the surface but from its roots.

What exactly is energy healing?

Energy healing is a powerful approach to health and wellness that can radically change any life.

There is energy in everything in nature, around us, within us, and to be more precise, there’s energy in our bodies.

These energy levels are balanced and makes us stay healthy, focussed and content.

How does this disease actually get it?

The answer to this is, any disruptions caused to imbalance these energy levels in our bodies makes way for diseases to creep in. In other words, it lowers our immunity.

Let’s understand this better.

Every living being on earth has energy in itself in order to function normally. When there are disruptions in the energy levels of the body, diseases begin to creep in.

In our everyday lives, today, in the present conditions, we are more likely to be dependent on a life supporting system which of course are the medicines & drugs. We believe that these drugs & medicines will cure our disease(s).

But can we really be sure that the disease is cured completely, even after a course of time?

The answer to this would be NO.

The stagnation that causes disease in our bodies must come out of the body, that is, it must get eliminated from the body in order to cure the disease completely. Once there is an imbalance in the energy levels in the body, the stagnation of waste takes place, which gives rise to diseases (feelings of discomfort). Only when the energy levels of the body are balanced, the elimination process shall take place accordingly and the disease shall be healed.

What is it that we, ACU TOUCH CURE, do to help you heal?

We at ACU TOUCH CURE, follow the ancient Acupressure/Acupuncture method, where we focus on balancing the energy levels in your body by Touch therapy.

This treatment is given in-person, where, our healers follow the touch therapy by applying pressure on your body surface with just one finger. (The energy flow paths is known to the healers through pulse diagnosis).

This is a complete drugless therapy. We do not suggest or prescribe any form of medicines or drugs.

We, at ACU TOUCH CURE, also provide the service of distance healing through phone calls & text messages. Here too, our healers focus on balancing the imbalanced energy levels without an in-person meeting. This is distance healing, that has successfully cured many patients residing in different parts of the globe.

Our mission, is to make the world drugless.

Our Vision, Save world without drugs.

We are working towards making people get rid of the drugs/medicines, guide them into leading a naturally healthy life, without ever being dependent on or by consuming any type of medicines/drugs.

We focus on curing the disease and helping you heal yourselves. In this we follow the touch therapy (which is derived from the ancient Acupressure/Acupuncture).

Many people who have experienced our service have all praises for us and our therapy. Number one, they have given up consuming all sorts of medicines & drugs which they once did, and number two, after receiving our treatment via touch therapy they have healed completely from whatever disease(s) they complained about.

Diabetes, BP, stroke, heart problems, hypertension, paralysis, gastrointestinal disorders, joint pains, allergies and any disease you name, we’ve cured them all. And without any drugs/medicines. All this healing is possible by just Touch therapy.

At ACU TOUCH CURE, our Acu healers, are highly skilled and rightly equipped with knowledge to find out the deficient energy level in your body, whether it is in-person encounter or via a telephonic or online conversation.

The treatment, thus, is also provided via distance healing, which also has accurately positive results.

This shall appear to be slightly sceptical, but it is best understood when experienced.

And to add to it, this requires faith both by the patient and the healer.

Man must trust it’s body first in order to get cured.

Our healers are well versed in their field and have excelled in treating & curing a number of people with different diseases.



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  • MillenJen 22 Mar 2019
    Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!
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